Celebrating diversity and building an inclusive culture

Across the globe our team is made up of at least 45 different ethnicities*.

We leverage culture, gender and all other aspects of diversity to build an inclusive culture, as differences will bring value to our business.

*Self-identified ethnicity; 466 onshore staff responded to an employee survey and disclosed this information voluntarily. We believe these numbers may be higher if more staff respond to the survey.


Creating a culture that respects the need for flexibility

We also offer Flexible Work Arrangements in suitable roles which underpin our commitment to inclusivity and agility. We recognise that our employees have diverse needs and priorities, and we are committed to providing them a conducive working environment to help them succeed.


We #ChooseToChallenge non-inclusion

In support of International Women's Day, we launched our year-long campaign, to encourage employees to challenge non-inclusive behaviours and practices. We believe that it is up to every single one of us to challenge non-inclusion when we see it.

Jeremy Sutton, General Manager of Swire Shipping, takes the lead to share about his experience challenging the status quo. Watch the video to learn more.

James Woodrow, Managing Director of CNCo, and Harry Stones, Market Manager, Swire Shipping, were also featured in a video produced by the Swire group sharing how they #ChooseToChallenge‚Äč this International Women's Day. Watch this video to learn more.