Singapore - 03 August 2020 - We’d like to offer our heartiest congratulations to Team Supreme, who emerged 2nd runner up for their case study on CNCo’s sustainability journey. Read more below:


Reigning Supreme at sustainability case study competition

Winning a case study competition on CNCO’s sustainability journey has added impetus to Shivansh Mittal’s determination to carve out a career for himself in ESG* and sustainability.

Shivansh was leader of Team Supreme, a three-person group who emerged second runner-up at the Young SDG Leaders Award Case Competition organised by CDL Sustainability and Global Compact Network Singapore. There were a total of 10 finalists.

“It was a brilliant and fun learning experience over the past three months with my teammates Aditya Sundaresan and Shengyu SHI tackling ESG and SDG integration with CNCo’s operations. Our proposal focused on the specific scopes of decarbonisation and diversity and inclusion. We’d like to thank Simon Bennett and Lydia Pavlova for their help in our analysis. It truly was an amazing experience, and one which has certainly inspired me to a career in sustainability.”

He added that as a team that was outside the shipping industry, they were surprised not only by the ambitious emissions targets set by the IMO for the industry, but also by the efforts taken by all stakeholders. These included engine suppliers, to ports and shipping companies to keep to these tough but necessary targets. 

CNCo's, as well as the industry's, willingness to commit to technologies that are promising but not yet fully mature will help to speed up the development of vital green technologies, said Shivansh. “We believe CNCo’s initiatives in promoting gender equality will secure the Company’s position as an industry leader in sustainability.”

A key takeaway for the team included a strong belief that sustainability in all forms should and would be seen as an opportunity for further growth in companies and that “we should push forward the mindset wherever we go,” said Shivansh. With the increased attention from various stakeholders including customers, suppliers and government, there are indeed compelling business reasons for businesses to go green. “Our analysis and recommendations have shown that sustainability cannot be achieved by just a single company in the industry. It requires strong industry wide cooperation, including that from upstream stakeholders such as ports and fuel suppliers.”


Gunning for the next

Buoyed by its win which included a cash prize of S$2,000 and Youth Alliance membership of Global Compact Network Singapore, the team is looking to enter similar competitions in the future. “We want to continue working on sustainability together, even when the university semester commences,” said Shivansh. All three are undergraduates at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

Finally, why Team Supreme as a name? “It was a spontaneous decision we took, probably due to its rhyme and because we thought it’d be cool,” said Shivansh.


Taking on the world (from left to right): Shivansh Mittal, Aditya Sundaresan and Shengyu SHI