The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd ("CNCo") has a dedicated Sustainable Development (SD) team that oversees the SD portfolio. The General Manager of SD reports to the Managing Director of CNCo, with the Executive Committee having operational responsibility for economic, operational, health and safety, social and environmental performance within CNCo.

CNCo continues to pursue the long term goal of minimising negative environmental impact and supporting communities in which we operate. We believe that adopting best practices in these areas is good for the general public and for enlightened self-interest.

We undertake gap analyses against the Social Responsibility Standard: ISO 26000:2010 (covering: Governance, Human Rights, Labour Practices, The Environment, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues, and Community Involvement and Development). The objective is to conduct an independent assessment of CNCo’s management systems, operations and performance against the aspects included in ISO 26000:2010 – Guidance on Social Responsibility for CNCo.

We publish externally assured Sustainability Reports in line with the Global Reporting Initiative requirements. We strongly believe that by regularly reporting what we do openly and transparently in our Sustainable Development Reports, we will develop an ever closer relationship with our stakeholders and that this will help us on our journey to be the leading provider of sustainable shipping solutions and our customers’ Partner of Choice.

Policies & Procedures: