The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd ("CNCo") has worked worldwide for 140 years and is strongly committed to operating ethically, prudently, responsibly and safely. Our Sustainable Development Policy commits the CNCo group of companies (“CNCo group”) to high standards on environmental, health & safety, human rights & labour policies, business ethics and community issues. It also commits us to working with suppliers who share the same standards and promote sustainable development.

This Code of Conduct has been explicitly named to closely reflect the goal that we share with all of our suppliers – to make our businesses sustainable.

We actively seek to select and work with suppliers who not only comply with laws and regulations but go beyond by setting standards that are expected of an industry leader. We also have a strong preference to work with suppliers who share our commitment to honesty and integrity and who seek to integrate principles of sustainable development into all areas of their business.

The CNCo group is committed to selecting and retaining qualified suppliers that meet this Supplier Code of Conduct.

Read the full policy here.